The Youjsh

I have been composing for and leading The Youjsh since 2007. It's a band that readily defies any classification other than "kick-ass". We combine elements of klezmer, rock, classical, and improvised music, etc - you can hear for yourself.

The Youjsh has shared the stage with acts like SoCalled, Tune-Yards, and the Budos Band, and been featured at Pop Montreal (2008, 2009 and 2010), Innovations en Concert, The Montreal Jewish Music Festival and the L'Off Festival du Jazz de Montreal, among many other venues.

The band's name is not as hard to pronounce as it looks – it's derived from "the usual." I suppose choosing an impossible-to-spell band name may not have been an especially smart move from a marketing perspective.

You may notice that all the songs are named after a fellow named "Steve Day". You're right, they are.

In 2013 we released our first full-length album, "Who's Next?" You can buy it online by clicking here or you can get a physical copy by contacting me.

We also released an EP called "I can't believe Steve Day is OK with this" in 2010 which you can buy online here. Physical copies sold out long ago...